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Another New Song

2008-02-03 03:08:13 by Dathomsta

about an hour after I posted Isolation I made a new song: Flangered
URL: /121601
make sure you check it out


New Music

2008-02-03 01:45:49 by Dathomsta

well my new piece is uploaded and everyone should be able to listen to it soon
heres the url: /121583


New Song

2008-02-02 01:56:56 by Dathomsta

well i've started on my first song
and i would say that about half finished

i'll post soon


F1rst post

2008-01-23 03:47:05 by Dathomsta

W00t first post
I make music with FL 7 and draw pretty picys using flash

I am hoping to post somthin 1 day....

i'll post again when i have made some progres
on my first song